Un tal Winer malpensando sobre Boing-Boing:

As I’ve said so many times, RSS is itself an advertising medium. BoingBoing isn’t set up to advertise anything, I guess — although I imagine that the blog has helped Xeni get her jobs at NPR and ABCNews, and helped Cory get his job at EFF and lots of option shares in companies that have made or might make him rich. Come to think of it, running ads for TV shows couldn’t possibly be so lucrative as to let it interfere with their much bigger business model. Hmmm.

Sinceros lectores: y vosotros, ¿para/por qué blogueáis? ¿Por dinero? ¿Para compartir vuestras neurosis con el mundo? ¿Como estrategia de promoción profesional, como acusa el amigo Winer a los editores de BB?

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